Connecting Industry to Innovation

SCRA partners with companies and economic development organizations in the state to create connections between industry and innovators. These partnerships
enable company growth and heighten the state’s research capacity.

Facilitating Collaboration

SCRA engages research institutions where many ground-breaking advances are discovered and nurtured. With input from industry, the research institutions can further develop the technologies for industrial applications. 

Our team engages with industry leaders to understand their needs that can be addressed through technology-based solutions. SCRA enlists our network of academia, entrepreneurs and other organizations to identify potential solutions and facilitate corresponding partnerships.

BMW Energy Project

Industry R&D Partnerships

SCRA partnered with BMW and the US Department of Energy, providing demonstration project funding to facilitate research.

Housing Innovation

Housing Companies Coming to South Carolina

A number of companies relocating to SC (e.g., Volvo and Aeterna Zentaris) have used SCRA's facilities as their landing site.