SCRA Associates Donate to Canines for Veterans

  • Jun 10, 2015
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Teambuilding Activities Group Leads Charity Efforts

Summerville, SC - SCRA's Teambuilding Activities Group (TAG) recently completed a "flash drive" to gather donations for Canines for Veterans. SCRA associates donated over $700 and also brought in items for the non-profit that works to train service dogs that provide companionship and assistance to wounded veterans.

Kevin Carpentier, SCRA Senior Vice President who manages SCRA Applied R&D's Maritime & Manufacturing Technologies Division, has worked with the Canines for Veterans program for several years and helped with specialized training for the dogs. Carpentier delivered the donations to the organization on behalf of SCRA.

"SCRA is delighted to support this organization," said SCRA Executive Vice President and TAG Supervisor Natalie Corella. "Our associates always rise to the occasion and give their energy, time and capabilities to support worthy causes such as Canines for Veterans."

The employee-driven TAG allows SCRA associates to participate in social activities aimed at building company morale and offers opportunities for philanthropic and charitable work; associates are able to participate in volunteer activities in support of local communities. Through this program, SCRA's associates have made significant charitable contributions to communities throughout the state and have helped to improve the well-being of South Carolinians.

Canines for Veterans

Some of the items donated by SCRA associates for the Canines for Veterans program

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